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Injuries to Military Personnel

Columbus Military Personal Injury Attorneys

Atlanta Veteran Benefit Lawyers Standing Up for You

If you were injured in an accident while off duty, you need an attorney who is experienced handling personal injury cases for service members. Our attorneys understand how to handle your claim. We have experience helping clients to secure benefits unique to the military, including proving lost income based upon the GS or other government pay scale. In addition to recovering compensation for the injured person, we also work to help recover medical expenses on behalf of the government, which in turn helps the client as well.

For a free initial consultation to discuss your injuries and your claim, contact a Columbus military personal injury lawyer at our firm. We will work to protect your rights and provide you with personal attention throughout your case.

Handling Your Case, so You Can Concentrate on Your Recovery

We have helped service members and military personnel who have been injured outside of the line of duty in accidents throughout Georgia. In addition to injuries from car wrecks, we have seen a good amount of injuries from accidents during physical training including being struck by a car while jogging or bicycling. We will thoroughly investigate your accident and your injuries to secure the compensation you need for:

  • Lost income — We are experienced at calculating lost income based on the GS pay scale and other government pay scales.
  • Medical expenses — Our attorneys have helped clients with insurance issues and matters involving TRICARE.
  • Future medical costs — A disability or serious injury can have ongoing costs for years to come. We can help you determine your disability rating and work to secure the benefits you are entitled to into the future.

Our attorneys can also help you with issues related to medical discharge from your injury. We will explore every avenue to get you full and fair compensation for your injuries. We have handled wrongful death and personal injury cases for military personnel resulting from car, truck and motorcycle accidents, in addition to other types of accidents.

We are dedicated to helping military personnel and service members who have suffered an injury or financial loss. We represented a class of veterans in a lawsuit challenging the closing practices of a major real estate closing firm. The case settled on terms very favorable to the class and the settlement received court approval.

Free consultation for injured military personnel: Contact a lawyer at Daughtery, Crawford & Brown in Columbus, Georgia, for a free initial consultation so we can begin to protect your rights.

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