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Truck Accidents

Columbus Truck Accidents Lawyers

Attorneys Handling Truck Accidents and Semi Wrecks

Personal injury claims brought as a result of accidents involving semi trucks, tractor-trailer rigs, and 18-wheelers are different than claims resulting from regular car accidents. Large trucks are subject to federal motor carrier regulations and other specific rules, which cfan play a significant role in proving fault on the part of the trucking company.

Our law firm has experience handling trucking accidents, and we use our knowledge of the applicable truck safety regulations to maximize recovery for our clients. We give personal attention to each case, and that attention to detail leads to successful results for our clients. In prior cases, our attorneys have been able to prove that the trucking company violated one or more regulations in their hiring, training or supervision of drivers.

Put our experience and specialized knowledge to work for you in your tractor-trailer crash or other trucking accident. Contact us today for your free consultation. We represent clients in Columbus, Atlanta and throughout Georgia.

We Know the Various Truck Accident Rules and Regulations That May Apply in Your Case

Aside from general personal injury claims, there are also other claims that may be important in cases involving truck accidents, such as:

  • Claims against the trucking company for negligent hiring, entrustment or retention of the driver
  • Claims for negligent inspection, maintenance or repair of the truck
  • Claims for wrongful death

We are experienced in handling a variety of trucking accident claims, including fatal accidents, and have achieved significant success in representation of clients.

Our Lawyers Pursue All Avenues in Seeking Compensation for Our Clients

When investigating truck accident cases, our lawyers work closely with some of the premier experts in the industry, including accident reconstruction experts. There are many important records that our lawyers work to preserve and use in proving the case, such as the driver logbook and other documentation relevant to proving the truck driver was at fault.

Our lawyers are also knowledgeable in other unique aspects of Georgia trucking law, such as the ability to sue the insurance company directly in cases involving motor contract carriers such as tractor trailers. We will use that knowledge to maximize the value of your case.

Learn More About Truck Accident Cases

We believe that the public has every right to understand the rules and regulations involving the trucking industry. You can learn more about truck accidents and the trucking industry by visiting our truck accident information center.

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