When you or someone you care about is injured, it is important to make sure your legal rights or the legal rights of your loved one are protected. When injuries are caused by a vehicle wreck or other accident, it is important to take immediate steps to make sure that crucial evidence is preserved. Immediately after a wreck, for example, insurance companies begin to collect evidence, interview witnesses and conduct fairly comprehensive investigations. The insurance companies do this to gather information and help build a case so that their insured's responsibility for the wreck can be challenged. In much the same way as insurance companies take quick action to protect their rights, hiring an attorney can help make sure that your rights and assets are protected.

The Importance Of Taking Prompt Action

It is often important to contact an attorney as soon as possible to investigate the underlying facts, because sometimes crucial evidence may be altered, lost or even destroyed soon after a wreck or other injury-causing event. Contacting an attorney promptly may also be important because there are time limits for filing suit and in certain instances, such as in claims against government entities, there may be even more restrictive deadlines such as a requirement to provide the government entities with a certain type of notice of the potential legal claim against them. The lawyers of Daughtery, Crawford & Brown, LLP, can help protect your rights and make sure that action is taken within those time limits.

In conducting initial investigations of cases, the attorneys of Daughtery, Crawford & Brown, LLP, have worked closely with some of the premier experts in their fields, including accident reconstruction experts. In the days and weeks following an injury, the scene of the wreck or other injury-causing event may need immediate attention to document facts relevant to the reconstruction of the accident. While law enforcement personnel will often photograph the scene where the injury occurred, this is not a guarantee that sufficient evidence will be gathered. It may be done at night, for example, which could impact the quality of the photographs. The lawyers at Daughtery, Crawford & Brown, LLP, have worked closely with a number of independent accident reconstruction experts who can analyze and document the scene of the injury by taking important measurements and photographs. No matter what type of injury you suffer or how it occurs, it is important to preserve as much information about the scene as possible.

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