"How much is my case worth?" It's a common question after a serious accident or injury. You want to know how much you can expect the insurance companies to pay. You want to know that your medical expenses will be covered and your household bills will be paid.

At the Columbus law firm of Daughtery, Crawford & Brown, LLP, we understand your concerns. We know how important it is for you to recover the money you deserve for your injuries and losses. In a free initial consultation, one of our lawyers will sit down with you and discuss your particular situation. Because every case is unique, we need to get the facts from you before we can offer any estimate about the worth of your personal injury claim.

We Look At A Wide Array Of Factors

Our attorneys have extensive experience both trying and settling cases. This gives us insight into what constitutes a fair and reasonable result. Here are just a few of the factors that may potentially affect how much compensation you receive:

  • The nature and extent of your injuries
  • What type of medical care you will need and for how long
  • How much physical pain you have endured
  • How much mental suffering you have undergone
  • Your lost wages and/or lost earning potential
  • The other party's liability and ability to pay
  • The venue and jury pool

Maximizing The Amount Of Money You Keep

Even after a case is resolved by trial or settlement, we often continue working to help maximize the net amount that our clients actually receive. If you receive a recovery in a personal injury case, the health insurance company or workers' compensation insurance company may assert a claim to reimbursement from that money.

Our lawyers are very familiar with the special aspects of reimbursement law. We know how to reimburse such providers only to the extent allowable by law, thereby maximizing the amount of money you keep in your pocket.

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