Every car accident is different. In some cases, the injuries from a car accident are something that could be expected in any wreck. In other cases, something in the vehicle itself causes an injury that shouldn't have happened. This is referred to as a product defect. For you, a product defect that causes injury can open up another means of financial recovery.

At Daughtery, Crawford & Brown, LLP, our Columbus lawyers are skilled in pursuing claims against the manufacturers or designers of defective auto parts. These types of claims are an important part of our law firm's practice, and our attorneys have achieved successful results in many cases.

Our attorneys have tried cases against General Motors, Ford, Chrysler and other prominent automotive companies. We have achieved multimillion-dollar settlements in product liability cases, including one settlement in excess of $10 million.

From Faulty Seat Belts To Fuel-Fed Fires, We Handle It All

If your motor vehicle accident involved a fire, explosion, rollover, roof crush or tire problem, there is a real possibility that a product defect contributed to your injuries. If so, you may have a product recall or defect claim against the manufacturer of the vehicle.

Here are some examples of auto defects that can result in a catastrophic injury or wrongful death in a car or truck wreck:

  • Defective seat back
  • Door latch failure
  • Brake failure
  • Defective seat belt
  • Vehicle rollover
  • Collapsing roof
  • Fuel system fire
  • Tire tread separation and blowout

We Dig Deep To Uncover The Truth About The Accident

When investigating auto defect and consumer safety cases, our lawyers work closely with some of the premier experts in the auto industry. Sometimes the defect is not obvious, but through consultation with an engineer with industry experience, we are able to uncover a hidden problem that caused serious injury.

For example, if someone is ejected from a vehicle in an accident, the police officer writing up the report may assume the person was not wearing a seat belt. Sometimes that assumption is wrong. In examining the wreck, we may discover that the latch for the seat belt failed. Other times, it may be that a door opened in the wreck, ejecting the driver or a passenger, and indicating there was a door latch problem.

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